Samantha LienhardSamantha Lienhard aspires to be an author, so, she decided, what better way to show her appreciation to her scholarship benefactors then to write a story they might enjoy.

Recipient of the Rod Kelchner President’s Scholarship, the sophomore English major dedicated her story to the former Mansfield President and his wife Joan.

She was inspired to write about Sarah, the North Hall ghost, after talking with her father Clarence, a professor in Mansfield’s Mathematics and Computer Information Science Department.

“He told me that Mr. Kelchner was always fond of telling the story of Sarah,” Lienhard said. “So I looked up the story and found it pretty interesting and then I did research on other ghost stories.”

Although she doesn’t characterize herself as a Sarah believer, Lienhard enjoyed researching the story and the creativity it allowed her to explore.

“One thing I noticed was that, unlike some ghost stories, Sarah is supposed to be a playful ghost, which is why she is a benevolent character in the story,” she said.

‘Also, once I started reading about different types of ghosts, her story reminded me of a type of ghost they call ‘the white lady,’ which is why I titled the story that.”

To read the story click here.
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